June 10, 2019

More coverage on the importance of vaccination against childhood disease, of which neglecting to do so puts parents and their children at risk. I almost died from childhood disease, but this was because my parent did not have access to vaccines! Read my book “The Gnawing Thoughts” page 7 for how I almost died from whooping cough and measles.

I focus on public charity because if people get vaccinated, health will improve in any geographical area. Some cannot get vaccines, and unfortunately drink water full of water borne diseases.

Allow me to share these articles with you. Please visit this site for the news archive on June 8, 2019 from Vaccine Confidence Project and London School of Medicine on tropical diseases.


While my vision is about change in the world, here I am focusing in one county – Awach Sub-County in Gulu/Uganda seen in this board. Please DONATE!  Your donation will put smiles on their faces. Look at this little boy – his dirty blond-reddish hair and balloon stomach is a sign that he is sick…

It is your donation that will change the world, starting from this boy. Thank you so much to the people who came along with me and those who already donated on Facebook. Together, we will make an impact in the Awach sub-county community. THANK YOU!

June 9, 2019


Impressive! It is cold pressed in a transparent bottle it is real; it is healthy.



June 2, 2019


Mother nature does its thing, it’s a natural disaster — you will not stop it but try to fix it. You can stop ill thinking because you are not a mother nature, and you are born to live until natural death takes you away through death. This also mean you should not take life away, let people die their natural death.

There are handfuls of history on natural disasters, here is the link:

The latest disaster such as Cyclone Kenneth in Africa along with floods this week in the USA are so frustrating to staff workers from the military, police, fire fighters, volunteers, and health care workers – the fact is, they are all trying to  SAVE LIVES, which is great!

 It is heart breaking to see human beings TAKING AWAY human life like what happened in Virginia Beach this week, when others try to save lives…  Health care workers who are on duty worked tirelessly caring for victims, treating them, comforting them until they reach their potential, then send them back home to their love ones, or sometimes losing them. Even so, at least healthcare workers try to save the victims last breath.

Yes, my public charity is focused on health around the world, even though right now it is narrowed to Uganda – where I am from. The interest is preventing communicable diseases and parasitic diseases, providing access to proper healthcare.

 In the future, would it not be easy that when you travel you don’t go through vaccines that you need to get like when you are travelling from Europe to America or vice versa? Currently, when going to Africa, Asia, or South America you worry about all kinds of vaccines that you need to have because of  poor medical services, and unhealthy environment.

Probably you are thinking the same thing! DONATE to our cause – we are starting with clean water then expanding to build clinics and schools. Your donation means the world to those who does not have access to proper health care services. Thank you. All the Best! 

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May 28, 2019


What do you prevent? Getting sick, getting out of shape? If you can prevent it first, it is better than treating it later!  Just do it by eating well, getting vaccinated and using appropriate hygiene.

A friend took me out to eat at Loi Estiatorio, a restaurant owned by Ms. Maria Loi. The restaurant is located on downtown Manhattan on 132 West 58th Street, New York, NY 10019. You can view her book at I happened to see the attached book and requested a copy. My friend and I went through the pages quickly, and my friend was blown away to find that what I tell him all the time on how to eat well was written by Ms. Loi in her book! That made an instant connection! Because we both care about wellness, whether it is eating well or preventing disease especially the one which are preventable!

Here is Ms. Loi’s Book and me giving Ms. Loi my book. It is great to have common interests… Chef Loi and Ms. Sofia Antonakos are working with me on the Lanekatuk Memorial Incorporated Project.

Given our diverse backgrounds — I am a Registered Nurse, Ms. Loi a gourmet chef and restaurateur (a.k.a the Greek Martha Stewart), and Ms. Antonakos an opera Singer — we work on this project to provide access to communities who are at disadvantage so that they may have access to clean water, see reduction in communicable diseases, and provide education on preventative measures. Please DONATE because with your donation, we can make it happen!


Its saddening that we have measles outbreak in America, where there is an open access to vaccines. In 2010 my book “THE GNAWING THOUGHTS” covers how I almost died from measles — simply because there was no access to vaccines! It hurts to see that kids are getting sick here because they were not vaccinated. Around the world there some diseases that are still problematic. According to the WHO the below diseases are neglected in Uganda, I for one suffered from Schistosomiasis, whopping cough, hookworm, Cholera, Malaria, and Hepatitis A.  Luckily enough, I am not dead yet, but now I spend ample time THINKING on how I can use my knowledge I obtained from school by getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master in Health Care Administration and to help those who may suffer from what I went through!


Dengue: A mosquito-borne infection causing flu-like illness that may develop into severe dengue and cause lethal complications.

Rabies: A preventable viral disease transmitted to humans through the bites of infected dogs that is invariably fatal once symptoms develop.

Trachoma: A chlamydial infection transmitted through direct contact with infectious eye or nasal discharge, or through indirect contact with unsafe living conditions and hygiene practices, which left untreated causes irreversible corneal opacities and blindness.

Buruli ulcer: A debilitating mycobacterial skin infection causing severe destruction of the skin, bone and soft tissue.

Yaws: A chronic bacterial infection affecting mainly the skin and bone.

Leprosy: A complex disease caused by infection mainly of the skin, peripheral nerves, mucosa of the upper respiratory tract and eyes.

Chagas disease: A life-threatening illness transmitted to humans through contact with vector insects (triatomine bugs), ingestion of contaminated food, infected blood transfusions, congenital transmission, organ transplantation or laboratory accidents.

Human African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness): A parasitic infection spread by the bites of tsetse flies that is almost 100% fatal without prompt diagnosis and treatment to prevent the parasites invading the central nervous system.

Leishmaniases: Disease transmitted through the bites of infected female sandflies that in its most severe (visceral) form attacks the internal organs and in its most prevalent (cutaneous) form causes face ulcers, disfiguring scars and disability.

Taeniasis and neurocysticercosis: An infection caused by adult tapeworms in human intestines; cysticercosis results when humans ingest tapeworm eggs that develop as larvae in tissues.

Dracunculiasis (guinea-worm disease): A nematode infection transmitted exclusively by drinking-water contaminated with parasite-infected water fleas.

Echinococcosis: Infection caused by the larval stages of tapeworms forming pathogenic cysts in humans and transmitted when ingesting eggs most commonly shed in faeces of dogs and wild animals.

Foodborne trematodiases: Infection acquired by consuming fish, vegetables and crustaceans contaminated with larval parasites; clonorchiasis, opisthorchiasis and fascioliasis are the main diseases.

Lymphatic filariasis: Infection transmitted by mosquitoes causing abnormal enlargement of limbs and genitals from adult worms inhabiting and reproducing in the lymphatic system.

Onchocerciasis (river blindness): Infection transmitted by the bite of infected blackflies causing severe itching and eye lesions as the adult worm produces larvae and leading to visual impairment and permanent blindness.

Schistosomiasis: Trematode infections transmitted when larval forms released by freshwater snails penetrate human skin during contact with infested water.

Soil-transmitted helminthiases: Nematode infections transmitted through soil contaminated by human faeces causing anaemia, vitamin A deficiency, stunted growth, malnutrition, intestinal obstruction and impaired development.

Mycetoma is a chronic, progressively destructive inflammatory skin disease which usually affects the lower limbs. Infection is thought to be caused by the inoculation, through a thorn prick or skin damage, of fungi or bacteria into the subcutaneous tissue.


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May 22, 2019

It was a great week to meet with like minded people, where your focus is making the world a better place to all — whether you have a profession as a chef, opera singer or a nurse… Our objective is to achieve better outcome in health, education and environmental improvement, with a short-term goal to drill a bore hole well and long-term goal to build a clinic and a library and school.

We all want to stay healthy, that means we should eat well. You and our organization will help educate people by reaching those who lack the means of receiving education on how to prevent communicable disease and eat well to live longer.

Hand washing: Number one means of preventing communicable disease; however, you need to wash your hands with water that is clean and drinkable!! Please DONATE to our cause, your donation will make a huge impact to those who do not have access to clean water. In the long run, we will see a decrease in water borne diseases such as: Cholera, Hepatitis A, tuberculosis (TB) Typhoid fever, Malaria, dengue fever, Bilharzia or Schistosomiasis (which nearly killed me, by the way).

Clinic: We need clinics in the community that can help treat those who are affected and may have limited access to the main regional hospital. Your donation to clinical services will improve health in children, mothers, young adults and the elderly. When I was growing up in Uganda, I witnessed so many mothers who died giving birth, because health care centers were either too far or lacking workers. Nobody knew what Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was (Manual pumping of chest to preserve brain function of those who were having cardiac arrest) to save those dying mothers and their unborn children.  Again, I lost my own sister with an unborn 7 month inside her womb.

Education: We all like to be well-informed, and not only people who hold degrees need to be educated. If everybody in the community is educated or has the chance for it, life would be so much easier around the world. Having a nearby library will give them the opportunity to educated themselves. Donating to educational services will make the community learn more and practice preventative measures in disease. So many lives were lost to tuberculosis (TB) due to the lack of proper education and treatment. Unfortunately, two of brothers fell victim to this instance.

Maybe you are still contemplating on what to do. This is the time that you, who has the passion, compassion and empathy to wake up every morning with the dream of making the world a better place… this is it! By donating to this cause every single day, you are changing lives directly in different communities around the world.

Please visit our website frequently because it is under upgrade/construction.

All the Best


May 20, 2019


We are all born to die, and it feels good if you can live long enough to make your own healthcare decision.

Here in the USA 4/16/2019 is a National Healthcare Decision Making Day (NHDD). Does it not feel good if you can make your health decisions? Which means you have lived long enough to make plans for your death. Death is inevitable, but it is nice to live longer until a natural death takes you down.

Imagine yourself living a healthy and productive while planning your death, and those who will carry on will know what to do to respect your wishes. However, imagine underprivileged communities that cannot plan their life, because they may die earlier from treatable disease such as parasites, hepatitis A, Cholera, typhoid, and more — simply because they don’t have clean water to drink or to wash their hands with. Your 25dollar donation is put towards drilling a bore water hole, which will make a huge difference!

I am saying that people around the world should be comfortable in their daily lives going about doing their activity of daily living, whether at home, in the office or in the field. I am trying to visualize a pregnant woman waddling slowly because the due date is near, a little baby cooing because she/he feels healthy, children running around because they are full of energy. The youth are very innovative because they are technology savvy, and older adults are busy as bees because they are trying to lay foundations for their children and the elderly are taking it easy while using their wisdom to advise where necessary. This is where you do know “LIFE IS GOOD”. So let us do it together make the world a better place to live in! DONATE!

Also, I am responding to one of my readers who asked me if I am sponsoring disadvantaged persons. No, I am not. I feel that it is very practical if service is rendered to people in their communities rather than sponsoring only one or two persons from a community. This is a public charity project; I am trying to make a difference for communities — that way nobody feels left out if everybody in the community benefits from drinking water from a borehole that serves them. Your donation to this cause will help many disadvantaged communities.


We earned a BRONZE seal of Transparency 2019! Below is the link

Find us through GuideStar/Candid profiles.

Also, you can contact us at:


Visit our website at and DONATE!

Your donation will go through GuideStar/Candid (Foundation Center) so this is how transparent we are.

All the Best!


April 15, 2019


You do know how expensive it is to transport one person across the globe! Therefore, you could make a difference to a community by supporting them right at their home, that way money would be spent wisely. Yes, every dollar counts!  Probably, you will be among the 10 out of three thousand people who have read this BLOG  and will take care of people right where they live.

It is a shady situation to know how it feels to adopt one person from a distance, and you have no clue how their next neighbor may be thinking because they cannot afford what that “one person was given.”  So yes, help all of them at a reduce cost. If everybody is drinking clean water, you are saving many lives! You will be preventing waterborne diseases such as cholera, parasites, and if there are boreholes for water at reach, they can wash their hands frequently and reduce diseases such as Hepatitis A and Typhoid. You know the story of Typhoid Mary… This is what you and I are trying to do, prevent, reduce, and better yet eradicate communicable diseases!


We earned BRONZE a seal of Transparency 2019! Below is the link

With your help we will get to SILVER, then GOLD because you and I will be making the world a better place and better to live in by bringing comfort, health, and education on preventative measures on infectious/communicable diseases.  To learn more about our organization, visit our website frequently; it is under construction. You can also find us through our GuideStar/Candid profiles.

Also, you can contact us at:


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Stay Tune!  All the Best

March 24, 2019


Talking about transparency, in my last blog I stated that we were waiting for reinstatement from the IRS for the Employer Identification Number (EIN), which was revoked automatically for not filling Form 990.  Here we go, the EIN was reinstated on 01/30/2019 you can trust LANEKATUK MEMORIAL INCORPORATED. The website is under construction, and the donation button is not active, but we will get there.

We received an email from GuideStar/Candid on how to earn a 2019 seal of transparency. We applied for a seal of transparency. You can google request information from GuideStar/Candid or IRS publications once the process is completed.

I want to be clear, when I write my blog, I am not asking money for myself. I have a job, and I am earning enough for me to live on. I am volunteering and donating enough to maintain the website of this organization. It takes groups of people to help a community. Lanekatuk Memorial needs more donors. Would you please land us a hand so that we can make a difference in this community, so that they can be like the rest of their neighboring communities? In addition, within time we will keep helping communities in need. Patiently waiting for your move.

NB Please note the website is still being updated, you can visit frequently at:

To get the book and read my blogs on other sites please visit:

Thank you,

All the best.

Hida Jessie Piersma


February 25, 2019


Days pass by, weeks pass too, and one wants to see that things are happening even if it is at a slow pace. I sound like a whinner, but I just THINK and express it!  I am happy to see those who listen and want to see what people like me are talking about. Personally, I am helpless, but I want to be hopeful. I am voicing humanitarian need on behalf of the communities whose voices are unheard. What do we need to sustain our lives with? Clean water, health, and healthy environments are the basic need of man.

                Would you like to see it for yourself why I am requesting your assistant? THINK, some of the people I met asked if I could let them help or adopt one or two young ones, NO. I want communities to be helped and taught so that they can help themselves. Helping/adopting (from a distant) only one or two individuals causes jealousies in the communities.

On twitter, I saw Mount Sinai Kyabirwa Village Surgical Center in Jinja/Uganda being constructed as I write now. I was impressed, excited to see things happening, and encourage to see Dr. Michael Marin’s (from Mount Sinai Health System) passion for finding resolution to Global Surgical shortages, by bringing surgical facility right to the Kyabirwa Village at Jinja/ Uganda.

I did not know Dr. Marin, even though we work in the same Hospital.  However, after reading the twitter, I met with him, it was a pleasure to hear him ask me what I want? My response to him was to make a difference in people’s lives, as I went on talking, he soon discovered that I have a vision like his. The difference is that he is a doctor/surgeon and I am a nurse. Dr. Marin already made things happened on many grounds! I am on the journey to make things happened.  Please stay tune…

Website is still under construction and waiting for reinstatement, which takes a month.

Please come back and visit:

Thank you,


February 7, 2019

So last week was a wonderful week, with lots of waking up (if I was sleeping). I think a lot when I am in bed, so I did not sleep that much because I was very emotional. January started with so much, and I happened to activate my dormant media sites, and I had my say. The previous week, I went to GuideStar and read this message about Lanekatuk Memorial Inc., a not for profit organization, which is under construction as of now. It read “This organization has not appeared on the IRS Business Master File in a number of months. It may have merged with another organization or ceased operations” No, this organization’s operation still stands. It will merge only when it needs to.

In addition, the website is under construction, and it will appear on GuideStar when the reinstatement is completed. This is the dream that needs to come through because it is a pursuit for making a difference in peoples lives. If you agree with me, please join me. Thank you.

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